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Dungeon Brawler VR

Fight Your Way to Fitness

Get to Know Us

We are developing a fitness application that encourages people to exercise through boxing. Don't mistake this application as another boring boxing simulator. We incorporated dungeon crawler style gameplay to make your workout session a blast! Players will have to learn how to jab, swing, block, dodge, and slide to defeat enemies that are in the way of you and your freedom.

Our Services...

Fantasy Boxing Application

Fantasy Boxing is a free VR application! We want to encourage everyone to work out. Grab a VR headset, download the application, and have fun.

Connect with Personal Trainer

Go professional by hiring your personal professional boxer and train using Fantasy Boxing. We provide both online and in-person training, and services to connect trainers to clients


Players can purchase various gloves, maps, and other in-game customization options to show off to your friends.

Fist Bump
Partner with Us

Local gyms can partner with us to set up Fantasy Boxing booth for more people to enjoy

We are the best option out there

There are two main categories of VR boxing on the market: holographic targets and NPC boxing. Fantasy Boxing is more engaging, and a better workout than either of them...

Dungeon Crawler VR vs. Holographic Targets

Same punch mechanic, but why hit targets that does nothing when you can deflect objects and do some real damage? 

With in-game progression in Dungeon Brawler VR, you will never get bored! 

Dungeon Brawler VR vs. NPC Boxing

NPC boxing simulations can't be as real as boxing in the real-world, but real-world boxing
doesn't allow you to fight fantastical creatures.

Dungeon Brawler VR is fun for all with different experience levels!





Get the full Fantasy Boxing experience with multiple levels for free. Additional levels and customization options are available for purchase.


Contact for Pricing

For Gyms and Trainers. Get access to Fantasy Boxing's trainer interface, where you can curate levels for clients and see their training statistics.

Get in Touch

1721 Broadview Lane, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105


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